#Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy, sheffield, U396

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy, Sheffield

Long Term Solution
Using Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to totally change your relationship with food, enabling you to lose weight, and stay in control without the endless battling of diet after diet.

As part of the process, hypnotherapy can help you to feel more relaxed physically and mentally, and much more confident within yourself.

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy, Sheffield

How food is used
Hypnotherapy is so effective because it can remove the need to eat for emotional reasons. We are the only species on earth that eats to change our feelings and the only species that gets overweight. It's no coincidence!

Most clients' weight problems start from their self-confessed need to eat when they are either nervous, bored, stressed, happy, sad, lonely, frustrated, anxious, afraid ... but not when they are hungry! Hypnotherapy and NLP techinques can show you other ways of satisfying these triggers without having to resort to overeating.

It's sad but true that due to our conditioning since birth, we all tend to induge our feelings with food. But no amount of food is going to change the way we feel so our minds will never feel satisfied. They just end up feeling worse.

Your natural balance
Hypnotherapy allows you to simply return your food habits to their natural state ... of being purely hunger led. It can allow your mind to feel better about itself by 'unhooking' it from unhealthy food habits. Combined with the relaxation and confidence building sessions it can then become free to get the most from life and the new you.

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy, Sheffield








Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy, Sheffield

There are many reasons for losing weight and you'll have your own unique set.
Some of the most common aims are to:

- feel more confident
- have more energy
- look better in your clothes
- not get out of breath so much
- look forward to holidays and special occasions
- enjoy shopping for clothes
- feel good about yourself

In studies, people who have lost significant amounts of weight said they felt more confident, were more energetic, felt their health had improved, had a better mood, got more attention from people and even felt they were better at their job.

Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy, Sheffield

Being overweight puts you more at risk of developing health problems.
Such as:
- heart disease
- stroke
- diabetes
- certain types of cancer
- gout (joint pain caused by excess uric acid)
- and gallbladder disease.
- sleep apnea (interrupted breathing during sleep)
- steoarthritis (wearing away of the joints).

Its well known that the more overweight you are, the more likely you are to have physical health problems.

Weight Loss with Hypno-therapy, Sheffield

The unhappy circle
However it shouldn't be forgotten that being unhappy about 'who you are' and how you look can also lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. It's easy to see how a vicious circle can develop where overeating for comfort only succeeds in increasing the problem in the long term.

Slimming with Hypno-therapy
Slimming with Hypno-therapy

*Required disclaimer: Results, symptoms and treatment may vary from person to person, all individual cases are taken on merit.

Treatment Length
The solutions are as varied as people are. However, the 'average' treatment plan will generally address the following four main areas using a combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP:

- Understanding the triggers for unhealthy eating.

- Enhancing the appeal of healthy foods.

- Building self-esteem to prepare you for change.

- Bring new habits into your life for healthy eating.

Use Hypnotherapy to lose weight

The first sessions will be concerned with getting to grips with the unique issues you face with regards to weight and to generate a plan to produce enjoyable, healthy eating for life. Relaxation and confidence-building in trance should prepare you nicely for the changes ahead.

The second phase will deal with addressing your specific triggers to unhealthy eating, and with aiming for you to be less reliant on food for making you feel better. We'll also look at the disparity between what food your body craves and what food your mind feeds it. Through hypnosis your mind can become more naturally aligned with your body's needs and will find healthier food more and more appealing.

Finally, whatever triggers your unhealthy eating, we can normally replace your response with other enjoyable and more healthy activities. This way you can feel good about yourself, not just in the moment, but for good!

Use Hypnotherapy to lose weight
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