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Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

New sleep habits
- By changing the ways your subconscious mind automatically approaches relaxation and sleep, hypnotherapy can completely overturn your old sleep habits.

Hypnotherapy for Sleep Difficulty, Sheffield

- Everyone at some point in their life will experience some problem with sleep, be it too little or too much, being unable to fall aleep or frequently waking up, having interrupted sleep or waking up tired.

- If your sleep difficulties leave you feeling tired during the day it is called insomnia. Insomnia can be chronic (long-term) or transient (short-term) and ranges from mildly infuriating to a serious precursor for anxiety and depression disorders.

- Friends and family are often on hand with 'helpful hints', many of which do help many people but if you have come this far then you've probably tried them all and need a more profound change than that.

Hypnotherapy for Sleep Problems, Sheffield

Switching off
- Hypnotherapy can teach you a new depth of relaxation and a more complete 'switching off' in your head when it hits that pillow. A completely new sleep behaviour can then emerge that enables you to re-energise fully each night. For some, the recovery of this full potential can be life changing.

- To achieve the greatest success we will look at a whole range of sleep related factors; environmental, behavioural, dietary and in the mind's ability to slow down thoughts at night. By dealing with all of these at the same time you can make the transition to being a good sleeper without any other factors tripping up the process.

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia




Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Some of the typical symptoms of insomnia are:

- take longer than 40 minutes to fall asleep
- wake repeatedly
- wake too early
- unable to get back to sleep
- only get to sleep with the aid of pills or alcohol
- tired in the day
- frequent headaches
- irritability
- lack of concenration
- not refreshed on waking

Hypnotherapy for Sleep Difficulty, Sheffield

Other sleep related disorders that hypnotherapy can help with are:
- Enuresis (bed wetting) see also Habit page
- Snoring (& disturbance of the partners of snorers)
- Bruxism (teeth grinding) see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Nightmares and night terrors see also Stress / Anxiety page

Sufferers of the following sleep disorders may find that hypnotherapy is worth trying:
- Sleep Walking
- Hypersomnia
- Narcolepsy
- Sleep Apnoea

Hypnotherapy for Sleep Disorders, Sheffield

Hypnotherapy for Sleep Disorders, Sheffield

*Required disclaimer: Results, symptoms and treatment may vary from person to person, all individual cases are taken on merit.

Causes of insomnia are highly individual so their treatment is too. The most common methods of treatment are:

- Learn deep relaxation with hypnosis
(training in how to relax very deeply each night and how to 'switch off' more completely)

- Hypnotic Suggestions
(these look to show your subconscious mind that it is good at sleeping)

- Stress management
(using hypnotherapy and NLP, the levels of your daily stress can usually be substantially reduced resulting in there being less 'on your mind' in the first place)

- Psychotherapy
(Sometimes it is old, troublesome memories that are at the root of insomnia. These can be explored, if requested, e.g. by discussion or regression. These memories can then be reprocessed from a better viewpoint, usually allowing you to remove the troubling effects they are causing)

- Exploration of Lifestyle & Environmental factors.
(a wide range of factors can be explored to help shift your life's overall balance towards easier sleep)

- Break the old cycles.
(NLP techniques can be used to break the old cycles of sleep behaviour. This generally makes it much easier to adopt the new successful patterns)

Hypnotherapy for Trouble Sleeping, Sheffield

- Timeframe:
This really depends on the unique individual and the sources of their particular sleep problem.

Hypnotherapy for Cant Sleep, Sheffield
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