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Hypnotherapy for Relaxation, Sheffield

Letting go of tensions
Life comes at us from all angles and at no point in our schooling or childhood are we taken on one side and shown how to 'let go' of all the tensions.

Hypnotherapy can help deeply relax all the muscles of the body, tensions within our postures and stresses in the mind to give a total relaxation of body and mind. These feelings are completely wonderful and with a few sessions can begin to completely permeate the way we think, feel and approach our lives. We can develope the art of allowing these changes to occur, not just while we are sitting or lying down, but while we are up and about, active in the home or even in difficult situations at work.

Hypnotherapy for Relaxation, Sheffield

Ingrained reactions
The way we react to life's everyday occurrences seems so ingrained in us that we don't even imagine they are changeable. It just seems part of our 'nature'. But! Question: If it's part of your nature why do you feel so bad after you've just snapped at someone? Or vented your stress in ways you are not proud off? Answer: Because it's not just 'part of you'. It's a habitual way of responding that has evolved un-noticed over the years. It doesn't feel like you when you do it because it isn't really you... not the 'real' you. Not the 'you' that appears after a couple of weeks on a relaxing holiday.

Hypnotherapy for Relaxation, Sheffield

The real you
Hypnotherapy can take you on holiday inside your head, to your most idyllic spot, thoroughly relax you while you are there (experiencing amazing detail) , and then bring those feelings back with you into everyday life. The 'real you' - the 'holiday you' can then reign supreme, un-fazed, at work, at home, meeting family, etc,.. relaxed and calm through life's everyday changes.

Hypnotherapy for Relaxation, Sheffield
Hypnotherapy for Relaxation, Sheffield

The following is a list of which you may have one or two, or many, symptoms. Obviously not being able to relax won't mean you are suffering from them all! And neither are you likely to develop them all if you don't get treatment. It's meant to be a fairly comprehensive list of symptoms you may have if you find it hard to relax throughout the day.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help with the following symptoms:see also Stress / Anxiety page

-neck pain
-shoulder pain
-hunched posture
-upset bowel
-appetite changes
-memory loss
-high blood pressure
-shallow breathing
-nervous twitches
-reduced sex drive
-insomnia see also Sleep page
-heart burn
-stomach upset... see also IBS page

Hypnotherapy for Relaxation, Sheffield

*Required disclaimer: Results, symptoms and treatment may vary from person to person, all individual cases are taken on merit.

The following hypnotherapy techniques can be used (where appropriate) for relaxation:

Using hypnotic suggestion to learn to automatically relax all the muscle groups, joints and parts of the body.

Using guided imagery to take you somewhere peaceful, tranquil and relaxing.

Using suggestions and imagery to eject thoughts and thought processes that create unnecessary tensions in the mind, and hence the body.

'Anchoring' those relaxing feelings so that you are able to return to them whenever you need to, whether active or resting.

Instil these patterns for long term behaviour changes regarding reaction to potentially stress-inducing situations.

Use 'self-hypnosis' (tapes, CDs, mp3s) to continue the learning process.

Hypnotherapy for Relaxation, Sheffield

Treatment length will depend on your own unique set of issues.

Hypnotherapy for de-stressing, Sheffield
Hypnotherapy for Relaxation
deep relaxation with hypnotherapy, Sheffield
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