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Sheffield Hypnotherapist

I am fully qualified and registered.
I am also highly experienced as a therapist (I've helped over 700 people since 2008).

I have long believed that every person is a unique result of genetics and environmental influence, neither of which we can significantly control, and so are deserving of equal respect whatever our background or problems. I believe that everyone wants to be well, and that any dysfunctional emotions or behaviours are simply attempts to take care of ourselves in the only way we know is available at the time. I think everyone can be given access to the resources required to overcome their problems. I have an innate ability to see, and to help people see, their strengths and possibilities for growth, as well as an innate desire to care and help. Sheffield Hypnotherapist

A brief history
I was born in Edinburgh in '68. I came to Sheffield to study and research at Sheffield University (BSc and PhD '87-'93).

I trained on the NCH approved Acadamy of Advanced Changework course for hypnotherapists under Psychology Doctor/ex-Sheffield Hallam University lecturers Paul Peace and Karen Bartle.

This was one of the most comprehensive and highly regarded courses in the country. I am trained to treat all issues mentioned on this website.

I am a Sheffield based hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

Sheffield Hypnotherapist



Sheffield Hypnotherapist

Garry Dunmore BSc, HPD, DipH, DipNLP, CertPT, CertDE, MNCP (Accred.), GQHP, NRH

Sheffield Hypnotherapist

My Therapeutic Qualifications are:

- HPD (Hypnotherapist Practitioners Diploma)

- DipH (Diploma in Hypnotherapy),

- DipNLP (Diploma in NLP - Neuro Lingual Programming),

- CertPT (Certificate in Parts Therapy - trained by C.Roy Hunter himself)

- CertDE (Certificate in Discursive Empowerment)

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Sheffield Hypnotherapist
Sheffield Hypnotherapist


I am a fully registered member of the GHR - the General Hypnotherapy Register, suitability for which is overseen by the GHSC
- the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council


Sheffield Hypnotherapist

*Required disclaimer: Results, symptoms and treatment may vary from person to person, all individual cases are taken on merit.

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Sheffield Hypnotherapist
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Fully Qualified Hypnotherapy & NLP, Sheffield S6,S7, South Yorkshire. 07719 833 814